is a non-commercial project, the purpose of which is to promote the art of painting in popular culture. The main emphasis is placed on the completeness of the presentation and quality of reproductions presented in our gallery.

Virtual reproduction can’t fully replace the experience of visiting the museum. Therefore, despite the objectives of the project, many visitors of the site after viewing the virtual galleries want to see their favorite masterpieces for themselves.

It should be said separately about digital color correction of virtual reproductions. There is a difference between how the picture looks now and the way it looked when the artist worked on it. There is time, fading of paint, deteriorate of the materials and other influence. Reproductions of many paintings in the online galleries were originally scanned with violation of the color balance, with a moiré; some pictures were scanned from bad sources. Before we get it to our gallery, most of the paintings get dedicated graphics processing. This process aims to recover color balance as close as possible to the original.

For example, in the left is the version of the picture in the form it’s presented in the museum "Hermitage" today. Also this reproduction can be found in several online galleries. In the right is the processed version of the new gallery. There is a difference, isn’t it?


Paintings appear in our gallery from all possible sources. So we choose maximum resolution reproductions with a high quality. At this moment our gallery is one of the largest online exhibitions in the Internet. Exposure updated continuously.