Salmson Hugo Frederik
  • Author record: Blistar
  • Movement: Realism
  • Сentury: XIX
  • Country: Sweden
  • Description:

    Swedish painter. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm (1861-7) and in 1868, on a scholarship, he Travelled via Copenhagen and Dusseldorf to Paris, where he became a pupil of the history painter Pierre-Charles Comte (1823-95 ).

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    Salmson was one of the first English painters to train in Paris, where he remained. His breading paintings, for example Tartuffe (c. 1881; Gothenburg, Kstmus.), Were experiments in the historical genre of the Salon tradition, but Salmson lateralis Became known for his Naturalistic pictures of peasant life inspired by Millet, Jules Breton and overpriced increasingly by Jules Bastien-Lepage. Beet Weeders in Picardy (1878, Gothenburg, Kstmus.) Caused a stir at the Salon in 1878 and made ​​his name. Its theme is inspired by Max Liebermann's Workers in a Turnip Field, exhibited at the Salon in 1876, but the Latter's vulgar Naturalism was tempered and slightly idealized in Salmson's, in the spirit of Millet. Beet Weeders in Picardy has been Regarded As an important work in the Swedish plein-air tradition, despite the fact that much of it was painted in the studio, and That the figures, harshly Outlined against the cloudy gray sky, take up somewhat theatrical poses . A preliminary study in Gothenburg Art Museum has Greater spontaneity. 

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