Salamov Bayram
  • Author record: Blistar
  • Movement: Contemporary
  • Сentury: XX, XXI.
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Description:

    Creativity Bayram Salamov, with his desire to recreate neobydennye sometimes fantastic situations, a game and an interest in the exotic East with certainty be called romantic.

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    Born in 1965 in a suburb Gohmug Shaki (Azerbaijan).
    In 1988, he graduated from Azerbaijan State Art College. Azim Azim-Zade in Baku.
    He worked as a set designer in Sheki Drama Theater. S. Rahmon.
    In Togliatti lives since 1990.
    In 2001 he was awarded the "Grand Prix" for his work "Family musician" in the "Picture of the Year",
    Togliatti held art gallery.
    Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.


    His works are in the collections of Togliatti art gallery
    in private collections in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Canada, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ireland, England.

    The reasons for the romantic world view of the artist is quite traditional. He turns away from a peaceful existence in the typical conditions of a modern, grown up around the industry, with the chant of boring blocks of faceless units, bars and fences iron doors of houses. Pushing away gloomy ill prosaic environment - bleak and dull - he creates something new and exciting.
    A native of the mountains located in the Azerbaijani town of Sheki, the artist often depicts him crowding in a convex space, lined with stone and covered with red-tiled houses, portraits of its inhabitants, genre. Expressive plastic structures of ancient cities and mountain villages in the paintings accented Salamova. The artist sees nature with deep and immediate sense and transforms it into the excited poetic images.
    In pictures Bayram embodied vitality and beauty of his homeland.
    Imaginative world works Bayram Salamov - is, above all, the world of his people, shown with a festive upbeat, lyrically, or latent drama. It introduces creatively perceived and transformed into art legends, poems and music, interwoven features of ancient and modern.
    Topics oriental tales in variations of compositions are closely intertwined with the theme of love. Everything in them is permeated bliss East. Girls like flowers, graceful bow their heads with serene pink faces. Slow flowing movements, light curves, a semi languidly looking eyes ...
    In every picture Bayram coexist love, joy and music. His characters are immersed in their own experiences, their condition if accompanied by one or another musical theme.
    And sometimes they represent the many-voiced music city.
    Poetic paintings on the theme of music and musicians, and their subordination to the musical rhythms and melodies are particularly emotional environment works, compositional harmony and vibrant, full of movement and light color building. The rhythms of the composition and colors are consistent with sound melodious and expressive line of plastic images.
    The works of this kind are adjacent small genre scenes from the life of musicians and other creative people in the spirit of Biedermeier. And in this case, the author, revealing the situation in detail and listing the details of the life environment, uses the story as a means of translating lyrical motif with a share of good-natured irony - sometimes naive and pathetic, sometimes melancholic.
    In the work of Bayram Salamova combines the features of Asian and European culture.
    On stage the fairy kings and musicians foolscap. Played a situation reminiscent of Andersen stories. And just as in the southern papers, often used the motif of receding into the distance tiled rooftops.
    European urban landscapes Bayram written muffled their color system is solved on the harmonious attunement. Of great importance are the fractional rhythms short sharp lines and strokes. Silent closed cities are not destroyed even bustling crowd on the streets, too, is subject to certain compositional order and rhythmically organized.
    Often depicted not a particular western town - Prague or Riga, for example, although they guessed the characteristics of both. This - the generalized images of European cities featured in this or that situation, different lighting, different emotional states. They reveal variations shaped meaningfulness urban species.
    With the theme of rain related topic, also enclosing a variety of meanings and implications.
    Romantic movement Salamova creativity meets the love of images of antique sailboats, boats, and standing in the roads of modern ships.
    Works of art of the painter distinguished styling, corresponding to a topic and internal content. Work is always ambiguous, widely used language associations.
    The nature of creativity Bayram Salamova caused the Romantic movement, which can be attributed to painting, the formation of his art has objective common to romantic reasons. But we should not forget the other important features of the formation of the artist.
    Artistic language of the master is largely determined by his membership to Azerbaijan. The author was influenced by the art of the modern nation with his attitude, imaginative and thematic preferences, the nature of decoration.
    Salamov painting as the work of many Azerbaijani artists, enriches people's creativity - bright and cheerful designs of carpets, sonorous combination of pure color thumbnails. Recall that before the arrival of Togliatti Bairam lived in the town of Sheki, where since medieval flourishing crafts and trades.
    Back in Soviet times, researchers have noted the free use of the metaphorical Azerbaijani art of various pictorial techniques of different eras and countries. Along with the single-minded search for his own pictorial language Bajram follows this tradition.
    Many paintings, they are very different, but the main thing in them - the poetry of life and combustion, giving an effect of solar brightness panel, temperament, painting technique, a kind of plastic.

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