Orlov Pimen Nikititch
  • Author record: Blistar
  • Movement: Academism
  • –°entury: XIX
  • Country: Russia
  • Description:

    Orlov Pimen Nikititch (1812-63) - portraitist and genre painter 

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    Orlov Pimen Nikititch - painter (1812 - 1863), son of a peasant. Having some familiarity with the painting from an itinerant painter, began to travel around the Little Russia and write to the landowners of the image and portraits, sometimes paint the roofs and floors, and then volnoprihodyaschim student enrolled in the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, where his chief mentor was Karl Briullov. In 1841, he settled in Rome, where he formed a reputation as a portrait painter. Even greater fame he acquired his paintings of scenes from the Italian national life. In 1857, the Orlov left until the end of his life in Italy, was elevated to the rank of the academician. 

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