Zhdanov Vladimir
  • Author record: Blistar
  • Movement: Contemporary
  • Сentury: XXI
  • Country: Russian
  • Description:

    Was born in Omsk in 1959. At present time i live in Gatchina, near Saint Petersburg, Russia. Paint in oils, water-colours, pastels. Works themes: Siberian landscape, Old Russian Towns and Tsar’s residences, still life, female and child’s portrait, nudes.

  • Full Description:



    1980-1983 – Omsk State University, art-graphical department.
    1983 – entered the 3rd year of Krasnoyarsk Institute of Art, special interest painting.
    1986 – studying at Repin Institute of painting, architecture and sculpture in Leningrad.
    1988 – completed my studies at Krasnoyarsk Institute of Art on painting.
    Till 1999 I lived and worked in Siberia (Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tobolsk, Tara). For several years I worked in Siberian taiga village. Painting landscapes from nature I have developed
    techniques of painting in oils and water-colours at low temperature – to minus 40 Celsius Degrees.
    1995 – icons for Spasskiy cathedral in Tara Town (north of West Siberia) were painted.
    From 1999 till 2008 I lived Petergof, near Saint Petersburg. New themes has been appeared in my work: Parks ensembles of tsar’s residences in suburbs of St. Petersburg,
    Old Russian Towns, fortresses and cloisters, new still life series.
    2000-2002 – some landscapes series of parks of tsar’s residences in suburbs of St. Petersburg (Petergof, Oranienbaum, Pavlovsk, Tsarskoe Selo).
    2000 – “North landscape” series (Ladoga lake).
    2001 – Old Russian towns series (Great Novgorod, Pskov, Isborsk, Pskovo-Pechorskiy cloister).

    Regional and international exhibitions:

    1987 – USSR Ministry of Culture, Moscow;
    1990 – exhibition in Canadian National Gallery (Nudes, portrait), Toronto;
    1994 – International Folklore Festival (Vladimir’s works stood as the main prize), Moscow;
    1995 – exhibition within the bounds of festival “Soul of Russia”, Omsk, Moscow;
    1996 – personal exhibition in “Painting World” Gallery, Moscow;
    1997 – personal exhibition in Drezden (Germany);
    1998 – personal exhibition in Venice (Italy);
    1998 – “Wine, women, songs” exhibition, Moscow;
    1999 – participation in “10 masterpieces of Omsk painting” exhibition, Omsk.

    Works are contained in many Russian and foreign collections, particularly owned by: Germany Foreign Minister, Mayor of New York, Consul of U.S. in St. Petersburg, U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

    Two movies were made about my work. One of them was presented at All-Russian Festival of TV-films in St. Petersburg in 1998.

    2000 – principal officer on XX century Russian Art of Russian Museum in St. Petersburg D.M.Dmitrienko recommended purchasing two my paintings for Museum, as ones having
    high-appreciated values.

    New paintings can be purchased from Hermitage Museum Galleries in St. Petersburg.

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