Kiesel Conrad
  • Author record: Blistar
  • Movement: Romanticism
  • Сentury: XIX, XX.
  • Country: Germany
  • Description:

    Conrad Kiesel (born 29 November 1846 in Dusseldorf, - 28 May 1921 in Berlin) was a German architect, painter and sculptor.

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    Conrad Kiesel was a versatile artist. Initially studied architecture at the Royal Academy of Architecture and was then trained with Fritz Schaper in sculpture. After creating a few statuettes and busts, he turned to painting. He went to the Dusseldorf Art Academy and became a pupil of Fritz Paulsen and William's son.

    1885 Pebble let down as a freelance artist in Berlin and from 1870 was regularly seen at the exhibitions of the Academy of Art. Later he was taken there as a member and on the occasion of his 40th Birth to "o Prof. "appointed.

    Silica body of work represents the genre of the late 19th Gesellschaftsportäts Century. He cultivated the salon painting and presented at the like are pretty young girls or women, often in rich interior. He had great success, with his special talent lay in the perfect playing all matter. "The mandolin player" gives an impression of the artistic concept and the acting abilities of the painter. The later "Portrait of the wife of Otto Heyl," however, shows a somewhat simpler form. But he showed his perfection in the painting "Petrarch's Laura," dedicated to the Italian poet Francesco Petrarch.

    Pebbles was probably the best portrait painters of his time and his works were among the exhibits of the Berlin Academy honored with the gold medal. Represented he was also in the exhibitions of the Academy in Dusseldorf, the Munich Glass Palace, the Great Exhibition in Paris in 1900, the annual exhibition, 1872, 1891 and 1892 in Vienna, the Royal Academy of Arts in London in 1909 and the World Expo 1911 in Rome.

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