Todorovitch Joseph
  • Author record: Blistar
  • Movement: Contemporary
  • Сentury: XX
  • Country: USA
  • Description:

    Joseph Todorovitch is a young contemporary realist painter. Among this growing field of artist, he works to carve a firm position with his unique visions of the world he lives in. His work, primarily figurative, often depicts those he paints in elaborate environments that are used to weave a pictorial field of atmosphere, space, and light. The subjects are often contemplative and restful and tend to evoke subtle narratives within the viewers. Joseph is concerned with the pictorial cues that convey a natural visual experience. He continues to explore and experiment with this visual language and how to imbue a psychological human element to his work.

  • Full Description:


    Growing up in Southern California, he became interested in traditional drawing and painting at an early age. His training introduced him to many artistic influences including notable ateliers and instructors. It began at Cal State University Fullerton were he sought out and was introduced to the idea of "consummate draftsmanship" by renowned Instructor Marshall Vandruff. He was propelled into drawing studies of form and figure construction and searched for sources of sound traditional information from Instructors Glenn Vilppu, Carl Gnass, and Glenn Orbik in which he studied with for brief periods of time outside of college doors to soak in their unique talents. Those talents of which included the solid visual vocabulary of convincing action and form, (necessary for the discipline of Southern California animators of which Joseph has a deep respect for); a thorough understanding of human anatomy (as it pertains to the artist); and the keen sense of observation of values, edges, and other fundamentals necessary for naturalist representational painters. He became familiar the wonderful network of Southern California Ateliers and its inhabitants. He's since spent a great deal of time studying directly from his favorite painters in his favorite museums near and far.


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