Nemakin Alexandr
  • Author record: Blistar
  • Movement: Contemporary
  • Сentury: XX, XXI.
  • Country: Azerbaijan
  • Description:

     I was born on January 5th, 1959 in Baku (Azerbaijan). As far as I can remember I started to draw about the same time. I took part in numerous studios and clubs and graduated Art School named after Azim-zade in Baku. Then there was an army service. Two years. Even during that times I managed to draw though it was quite difficult.

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    In 1982 I moved to St.Petersburg, got a job and started to prepare for an Art Institute (University level professional Art School). I was admitted among the best to Repin's Academy of Arts in 1983 with major in Fine Arts. I joined a class of famous artist Prof. A.A.Mylnikov during the second year. I graduated from the Academy in 1989. The same year I was invited to join a creative studio of Russian Academy of Arts (graduate school in visual arts), which I successfully finished in 1992.
    While I was a student I performed various projects in monumental mosaic and stained glass in different Russian cities. From 1990 I'm a member of the Union of Artists. I have participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and abroad (e.g. New-York, 1989) including yearly exhibition of Art Teachers. Since 1995 I teach painting, drawing and composition in Repin's Academy of Arts.
    Participated in numerous exhibitions in Russia and in many other countries:
    Since 1990г. - Annual exhibitions in the Union of Artists in St.-Petersburg.
    The participant and the author of lists in the Temple of the Christ of the Savior in Moscow.
    1994-1996 - work in Spain (private galleries).
    1997 - the Exhibition in Dublin (Ireland).
    1998 - the Exhibition in Berlin (Germany).
    1999 - works have been bought by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia.
    1999-2004 - exhibitions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia abroad within the limits of a cultural exchange:
    2005 - the Exhibition in Shanghai (China).
    2008 - the All-Russia exhibition in Moscow.
    2008 - the Exhibition in gallery "Cards. Inna" Almaty (Kazakhstan).
    2009 - the Exhibition of the Petersburg artists in Astana (Kazakhstan).
    2009 - the Exhibition "50х (50+1)" - the Union of Artists Saint Petersburg.
    2010 - the Exhibition "ZооКультУра 2010" - the Union of Artists СПетербург.
    Works are in private galleries in the USA, China, France, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Finland, Sweden.

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